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65.00mm Royal Mint Screw Type Coin Capsule Fits £10 Silver 5oz Coins

65.00mm Royal Mint Screw Type Coin Capsule Fits £10 Silver 5oz Coins

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Genuine Royal Mint Screw Type Coin Capsule, fits any coin with a diameter of 65.00mm.
Collector will know how hard it is to get hold of a Royal Mint Screw Type Capsule which are one of the best capsules available and is a perfect way to protect and store your raw coins.
Some of the coins that will fit.
British Britannia £10 Silver Coin or Gold Coins
British Lunar £10 Silver or Gold Coins.

As Royal Mint capsules are not available anywhere to purchase from new the capsules you will receive might have a few minor marks or scratches but will send the best we have in stock at the time.

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