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2015 Fourth and Fifth Definitive Coinage Portrait BU 16 Coin Set

2015 Fourth and Fifth Definitive Coinage Portrait BU 16 Coin Set

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In 2015, to commemorate the launch of the new Fifth Circulating Coinage Portraitthe Royal Mint released a very special Limited Issue Final Editions and First Editions Brilliant Uncirculated 16 Coin Collection.
This Royal Mint 16 Coin Set is the first chance to collect the Fourth Portrait Coinage of the United Kingdom and the new Fifth Portrait Coinage with the famous Jody Clark design of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II in one collection.
The Final Edition Collection includes the Shoulders of Giants £2 Two Pound Coin, and the First Editions Collection includes the new Definitive £2 Two Pound Coin, and the remaining coins in both collections include Matthew Dent's Royal Shield of Arms £1 One Pound Coin and 50p Fifty Pence, down to the 1p One Pence Coin all struck to the Royal Mint's Brilliant Uncirculated quality.
The obverse design of the Fourth Portrait Coinage Collection features Ian Rank Broadley's design of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II while the First Editions Fifth Portrait Coinage Collection features Jody Clark's Fifth Portrait on the obverse.

Royal Mint Product Code: DW15BBU


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