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Sell Your Collection

Sell Your Collection


The London Coin Company are always interested in buying any Platinum, Gold or Silver Coins and Sets and usually make an immediate offer.
So don't hesitate, for a free valuation feel free to contact us either by Phone or E-Mail on any of the details below.


Terms and Conditions

Price will be agreed between The London Coin Company and the seller either by phone or by email either upon receipt of goods or on the day the deal is done.


Shipping your collection:

Items to be sent to The London Coin Company’s registered address for inspection/approval within 48 hours of agreeing a deal (unless a different timescale has been agreed by both parties.) All items are sent at sellers risk as we only take responsibility upon arrival at our premises. We therefore recommend you use Royal Mail Special Delivery to make sure the goods are covered by insurance and will ask us for a signature to prove we have received the goods.

Please note:
Where the purchase is for precious Metal and the items are not received in the prescribed timescales, The London Coin Company reserves the right to return the items to the seller or re-negotiate a price where there is a significant drop on metal prices.

Receipt of goods:
Once the goods have been received safely by The London Coin Company Ltd the seller will be notified by Email or by Phone the same day of receiving the goods.
Any discrepancies from the original deal will be notified to seller and a revised deal will be negotiated as appropriate.

Settlement will be made within 3 business days of receiving the goods either by Cheque or Bank Transfer to the named seller and sent to the address or bank account as advised or on file (or as requested).

If you would like to make an appointment with The London Coin Company and visit our offices, where we are able to inspect the goods and make an immediate settlement, please call us to make such an arrangement.

The London Coin Company Limited
P.O. Box 495
Greater London
United Kingdom

UK: 0800 085 2933 / 0208 343 2231
Int: +44 (0)20 8343 2231

Email: sales@thelondoncoincompany.com