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PCGS Coin Grading

PCGS Coin Grading

PCGS Coin Grading

The London Coin Company are an official PCGS Authorised Dealer for the UK and Europe and offer Dealers and Collectors the opportunity to get their Coins and Banknotes Certified and Graded.








PCGS COINS Certified Total Value AS OF 06/11/2019

Next PCGS Grading Sessions For 2020

  • Dates To be Confirmed

(Coins and Banknotes to be received by us no later than the Dates to be Confirmed for them to be included)

Download Coin Grading Submission Form

Download Banknote Gold Shield Grading Submission Form

For collectors or dealers looking to grade quantities of 100+ of the same coin or banknote please contact us directly on email sales@thelondoncoincompany.com or call us on +44 (0)20 8343 2231 to discuss further.


    How to Submit Coins / Banknotes For Grading:


Once you have decided which coins and/or banknotes you would like to get Certified Slabbed and Graded, you should fill out the Coin Grading Submission Form or Banknote Gold Shield Grading Submission Form and send the coins/banknotes with the completed and signed Submission Form to the address below to be received by us no later than the dates mentioned above for them to be included.

P. O. Box 495
Greater London
United Kingdom
Tel: +44 (0)208 343 2231

Once received they will be checked by our Submission Team and an invoice will be sent for payment to the email address you have provided on the PCGS Coin Submission Form or Gold Shield Banknote Grading Submission Form.
The coins/banknotes will then be submitted for Grading and will be returned to the client upon receipt of cleared payment and once the coins/banknotes have been Certified and Graded which normally takes 2-3 weeks after the Grading Week for coins and 5-6 weeks for Banknotes.


 PCGS Authorised Dealer Details:


To confirm we are an official PCGS Authorised dealer - Click Here To Verify Our Company on the PCGS Website


 PCGS – The Global Standard for Rare Coin Grading


The London Coin Company are proud to represent PCGS (Professional Coin Grading Service) in the United Kingdom and Europe as this will be the future path for coin collecting globally.
We decided to work with PCGS as their reputation precedes them and being one of the main impartial global Certification, Slabbing and Grading companies in the world our partnership will change the face of coin collecting forever.
Why have we chosen an American company rather than a British one?
The main reason is that PCGS is the most respected of all the Coin Grading Companies in the world and is truly impartial, unlike some of their counterparts and this is normally shown by prices of coins being realised.
If the same coins are graded by different companies with the same grade PCGS coins will normally always reach higher resale values than any other Coin Grading Company in the world so it is a must to consider for any coin collector or dealer.
With record-high precious metal prices how do you know your coin is genuine or the condition of your coin, this is the perfect way to give you peace of mind and to know your coin(s) are genuine and their grade and protected for the future.


 Who are PCGS?

Professional Coin Grading Service (PCGS) is the most respected name in third-party coin certification. By establishing a universal grading standard, PCGS has paved the way for coin enthusiasts to enjoy buying and selling coins with confidence and have Certified and Graded over 38,200,000 coins worldwide.
The advent of the third-party appraisal of a coin's physical condition (which is the basis of its grade), backed by the PCGS Guarantee and our network of reputable Authorized Dealers, provides a dependable form of protection for rare coin collectors. Our respected grading standard has enabled PCGS-Graded coins to realize record prices in the marketplace. When experienced collectors buy coins, they often buy them certified by the name they trust – PCGS.
In addition to standardized grading, PCGS offers a guarantee of grading accuracy and authenticity for each coin we encapsulate. With decades of combined experience, PCGS graders are selected from an elite group of world-class numismatic experts – some of the most respected and admired in the rare coin industry. As we receive submissions, each coin goes through a step-by-step grading process which ensures the utmost care and consideration of your prized numismatic investment. Our experts handle each coin as if it were part of their own collection.


 PCGS – The Global Standard for Rare Coin Grading

PCGS being one of two main impartial Numismatic Grading Services in the world, is a guarantee that the coin is genuine and has been graded accurately and professionally.
The sonically sealed high-security solid plastic case is individually numbered so that the details of the coin(s) can be verified on a central database and these cases are also tamperproof.
In addition, the coin is protected from handling and retains the coin(s) condition and finish long term if looked after, which can be detrimental to the value once sold.
With PCGS Grading behind your coins, you are guaranteed a level of impartiality, grading accuracy and authenticity that was previously unavailable, and only the leader in third-party grading can provide.


 New PCGS State Of The Art Holder:



A Better Weld for Improved Durability

The PCGS holder features reformulated plastic and a new design that creates a much stronger weld. The result is a holder that is more difficult to chip, holds up better to drops, and more readily reveals tampering. 

                              holder fit

Get Behind the Gold Shield

Look Closely - this is no ordinary shield. For PCGS Secure™ submissions, microtext makes the PCGS Gold Shield uniquely secure.

Gold Shield Microtext


Verify Authenticity on the Go

Scan the Quick Response code using your mobile device to verify authenticity on PCGS Cert Verification.

Quick Response Code


Special Features Include


 PCGS Jumbo Holders For Large Sized Coins:




 PCGS Coin Certificate Verification:


You can verify the grade and authenticity of a PCGS Certified Coin by simply clicking the link below and entering the certification number (Cert number is normally the digits after "/" which is unique to the coin or set). The information includes the date, mintmark, denomination, variety and grade. Click Here to Verify


 PCGS Population Reports:








United Kingdom

United States



 PCGS Price Guide:

You can view the PCGS Price Guide by clicking the one of the link's below, the guide prices apply to PCGS Graded Coins for the United States and China.
Coins that do not meet the PCGS grading standards may be worthless and in some cases substantially less, than the prices listed here.

China Price Guide

United States Price Guide

 PCGS Set Registry:


The PCGS Set Registry was launched in 2001 and is a place for collectors of PCGS Graded Coins to create sets of the coins they collect and compare them with other collectors of PCGS Graded Coins from around the world.
Once the collector has created a set and added the certificate numbers of the coins for that particular set, you will now be able to see how your set compares with other collectors globally.
To help collectors locate PCGS Graded Coins faster and easier online and upgrade their collections or add missing coins from a particular set, PCGS have launched a powerful new search tool 
PCGS Feature Finds which locates other PCGS Graded Coins on the internet, auctions, Ebay, Amazon or an in a fixed price e-commerce listing, giving you the opportunity to add any missing coins from your set or upgrade any coins in your set. (Look for the Shop Now Button)
Giving collectors an easier way of completing a collection and upgrading their sets and helping the collector create one of the finest collections in the world.

The PCGS Set Registry and PCGS Shop Button are a free service available to all members of the PCGS Set Registry, the hobby’s first online tool for organizing and analyzing your PCGS coin collection.
To start your free PCGS Set Registry Account and access the Shop Button Click Here

More Information on PCGS Set Registry Click Here (Free Service)

More Information on PCGS Feature Finds Shop Now Button Click Here (Free Service)

 What is PCGS Coin Grading?




 PCGS Coin Grading Webinar












 PCGS Coin Grades:


Grade Description
PO-1 Identifiable date and type
FR-2 Mostly worn, though some detail is visible
AG-3 Worn rims but most lettering is readable though worn
G-4 Slightly worn rims, flat detail, peripheral lettering nearly full
G-6 Rims complete with flat detail, peripheral lettering full
VG-8 Design worn with slight detail
VG-10 Design worn with slight detail, slightly clearer
F-12 Some deeply recessed areas with detail, all lettering sharp
F-15 Slightly more detail in the recessed areas, all lettering sharp
VF-20 Some definition of detail, all lettering full and sharp
VF-25 Slightly more definition in the detail and lettering
VF-30 Almost complete detail with flat areas
VF-35 Detail is complete but worn with high points flat
EF-40 Detail is complete with most high points slightly flat
EF-45 Detail is complete with some high points flat
EF-45+ Detail is complete with a few high points flat. Superior eye appeal.
AU-50 Full detail with friction over most of the surface, slight flatness on high points
AU-50+ Full detail with friction over most of the surface, very slight flatness on high points. Good eye appeal.
AU-53 Full detail with friction over 1/2 or more of surface, very slight flatness on high points
AU-53+ Full detail with friction on only 1/2 of surface, extremely slight flatness on high points. Positive eye appeal.
AU-55 Full detail with friction on less than 1/2 surface, mainly on high points
AU-55+ Full detail with slight friction on less than 1/2 of surface, on high points. Eye appeal is good.
AU-58 Full detail with only slight friction on the high points
AU-58+ Full detail with the barest trace of friction on the highest points. Superior eye appeal.
MS/PR-60 No wear. May have many heavy marks/hairlines, strike may not be full
MS/PR-61 No wear. Multiple heavy marks/hairlines, strike may not be full
MS/PR-62 No wear. Slightly less marks/hairlines, strike may not be full
MS/PR-62+ No wear. Still slightly above number of marks/hairlines, strike may not be full. Attractive eye appeal for grade.
MS/PR-63 Moderate number/size marks/hairlines, strike may not be full
MS/PR-63+ Average number of marks/hairlines, strike will be close to average. Good eye appeal for grade.
MS/PR-64 Few marks/hairlines or a couple of severe ones, strike should be average or above
MS/PR-64+ Very few marks/hairlines or a couple of heavier ones, strike should be average or above. Superior eye appeal.
MS/PR-65 Minor marks/hairlines though none in focal areas, above average strike
MS/PR-65+ Very minor marks/hairlines though none in focal areas, above average strike and eye appeal
MS/PR-66 Few minor marks/hairlines not in focal areas, good strike
MS/PR-66+ Very few minor marks/hairlines not in focal areas, very good strike with superior eye appeal
MS/PR-67 Virtually as struck with minor imperfections, very well struck
MS/PR-67+ Virtually as struck with very minor imperfections, very well struck with attractive eye appeal
MS/PR-68 Virtually as struck with slight imperfections, slightest weakness of strike allowed
MS/PR-68+ Virtually as struck with very slight imperfections, the strike must be virtually full. Eye appeal must be very good.
MS/PR-69 Virtually as struck with minuscule imperfections, near full strike necessary
MS/PR-70 As struck, with full strike

In addition to the 1-70 scale presented above, the suffixes described below are added to some

grades in certain series to expand on the numerical grade.

Color: RD Red (more)
Color: RB Red-Brown (more)
Color: BN Brown (more)
Strike: FS Full Steps (more)
Strike: FB Full Bands (more)
Strike: FH Full Head (more)
Strike: FBL Full Bell Lines (more)
Surface: DM Deep Mirror Prooflike (more)
Surface: PL Prooflike (more)
Surface: DC Deep Cameo (more)
Strike: CA Cameo (more)
Strike: BM Branch Mint Proof
Strike: BMCA Branch Mint Cameo
FS First Strike (All Eagles, Gold Buffalos and Gold Spouse Coins)
SF Satin Finish
SMS Special Mint Set
SP Specimen (more)
Pos. A Edge Lettering on 2007 to Date $1 coins - Edge lettering is facing up when the reverse side of the coin is facing up
Pos. B Edge Lettering on 2007 to Date $1 coins - Edge lettering is facing up when the obverse side of the coin is facing up
 PCGS No Grades:

Occasionally, the experts at PCGS encounter coins which, for one reason or another, cannot be authenticated 
or graded. These "No Grade" coins fall into three categories: problem coins, inconclusive, or ineligible.
"No Grades" in the first category will be placed in a PCGS Genuine capsule (except where noted).
Those in the final two categories will be returned to the submitter un-encapsulated. All coins, encapsulated or
not, will receive one of the "No Grade" codes listed in the tables below.

 PCGS Problem Coins:

All of the coins in this category (other than 83 and 99) submitted through the regular PCGS services will be 
placed in a PCGS Genuine Holder, ungraded, with one of the following numerical codes placed after the coin
number on the holder insert.
On certain No Grades (as noted in the table below) the problem is more fully described on the insert.
To read a more comprehensive description of any No Grade, click on the “more” link of any No Grade category.

Code Reason Explanation Described Holdered
82 Filed Rims Rim(s) and/or edge is filed. (more) Yes Yes
83 Peeling Lamination Potential for sealing damage. (more) Yes No
84 Holed and/or Plugged Any filled or non-filled hole. (more) Yes Yes
91 Questionable Color Any artificial re-toning & dipped copper. (more) No Yes
92 Cleaning Harsh cleaning or polishing. (more) No Yes
93 Planchet Flaw Generally large & prominent flaw(s). (more) No Yes
94 Altered Surfaces Any applied substance (wax, putty, lacquer). (more) No Yes
95 Scratch(s) Large & prominent scratch(s). (more) No Yes
97 Environmental Damage Corrosion, excessive toning, verdigris. (more) No Yes
98 Damage Any metal movement. (more) Yes Yes
99 PVC Residue Oily polyvinylchloride substance. (more) Yes No
Code Reason Explanation Described Holdered
86 Authenticity Unverifiable Coin's status inconclusive. (more) Yes No
90 Counterfeit Fake coin or altered mintmark, date, variety. (more) Yes No
Code Reason Explanation Described Holdered
96 No Service PCGS does not currently grade this item. (more) Yes No