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Double Florin Silver Coins

Double Florin Silver Coins

Double Florin Silver Coins

The Double Florin was one of the shortest-lived British Coin denominations ever, only being produced during four mint years, between 1887 and 1890.
The silver coin weighed 22.6 grams and was 36 millimetres in diameter.

The obverse side of the coin shows a portrait of Queen Victoria wearing a veil, with the inscription "VICTORIA - DEI GRATIA"  (Victoria - By the grace of God), while the reverse side shows four cruciform-crowned shields bearing the emblems of England (x2), Scotland and Ireland, with sceptres between the shields, in the style of Charles II gold coins designed by John Roettiers.

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1887 Victoria Jubilee Head Double Florin Silver Coin Roman I PCGS AU50

In 1887 the Royal Mint released a Double Florin Silver Coin struck in solid .925 Sterling Silver which has been Certified Slabbed and Graded by PCGS as AU50 Roman I.

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